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Asha Oya is leading-edge educator and coach of the Law of Attraction. Her techniques and wisdom are informed by years of spiritual and personal development and experimentation. She is the founder of Law of Asha. 

Why Law of Asha?

Letter from the Founder, Asha Oya

Law of Asha was inspired by my own journey to the Law of Attraction and personal transformation because of it. Law of Asha's goal is to spread the energy of love, light, expansion, fun, curiosity, and joy.

Prior to my true understanding of the law of attraction this year, I was ignorant of how my words about my past and current situation were attracting those very same things into my life. There was a tension and resistance which made progress a struggle. Everything I have experienced and learned has led me to an understanding that appears to be at the basis of the Universe. That is...the Law of Attraction. I had heard of the Law of Attraction and thought I understood the Law of Attraction but I was not using it nor had I really integrated its meaning.

Every day, I come into a clearer and further-reaching focus as to how the Law of Attraction is functioning around me and it is mind-blowing. Its bigger than I think most people realize and its extremely powerful. More than anything else, I want to be happy and inspire happiness in others! What better way to do that, than to attract more happiness into my life!

The name Asha has many meanings in various languages. It means wish, desire, hope, life, and happy. If I do nothing other than help people live a more joyous life, I'm satisfied.

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